Woodpeckers and Roosting Birds

There are seven species of woodpeckers in Ohio. The majority of woodpeckers do most of their pecking on dead or dying trees. Woodpeckers peck for several reasons: to announce their territory, to feed on insects and to excavate nest cavities. In suburban areas woodpeckers may use houses and drain spouts. No one really knows why, but natural wood siding, a house’s large size and better sound production may make houses seem like super trees to the birds. The key to control is to take action as soon as the woodpecker shows signs of becoming a pest.

Sparrows, starlings, and pigeons are the most troublesome of the birds commonly found in the urban environment. When these birds congregate in large numbers their droppings can create a foul-smelling, unsightly mess.


This is a list of Birds commonly found in Ohio.

Acadian flycatcher
Alder flycatcher
American avocet
American bittern
American black duck
American coot
American crow
American golden plover
American goldfinch
American kestrel
American pipit
American redstart
American robin
American white pelican
American wigeon
American woodcock
Baird’s sandpiper
Bald eagle
Baltimore oriole
Barn owl
Bank swallow
Barn swallow
Barred owl
Barrow’s goldeneye
Belted kingfisher
Black-and-white warbler
Black-bellied plover
Black-billed cuckoo
Black-capped chickadee
Black-crowned night-heron
Black-legged kittiwake
Black rail
Black scoter
Black tern
Black-throated green warbler
Blue-gray gnatcatcher
Blue grosbeak
Blue-headed vireo
Blue jay
Blue-winged teal
Blue-winged warbler
Bonaparte’s gull
Broad-winged hawk
Brown-headed cowbird
Brown thrasher
Buff-breasted sandpiper
Cackling goose
Canada goose
Carolina chickadee
Carolina wren
Caspian tern
Cattle egret
Cedar waxwing
Cerulean warbler
Chestnut-sided warbler
Chimney swift
Chipping sparrow
Cinnamon teal
Cliff swallow
Common goldeneye
Common grackle
Common loon
Common merganser
Common moorhen
Common nighthawk
Common snipe
Common tern
Common yellowthroat
Cooper’s hawk
Dark-eyed junco dickcissel
Double-crested cormorant
Downy woodpecker
Eared grebe
Eastern bluebird
Eastern kingbird
Eastern meadowlark
Eastern phoebe
Eastern screech owl
Eastern towhee
Eastern wood-pewee
Field sparrow
Forster’s tern
Franklin’s gull
Glaucous gull
Golden eagle
Golden-winged warbler
Grasshopper sparrow
Gray catbird
Gray partridge
Great black-backed gull
Great blue heron
Great crested flycatcher
Great egret
Great horned owl
Greater scaup
Greater white-fronted
Greater yellowlegs
Green heron
Green-winged teal
Hairy woodpecker
Harlequin duck
Henslow’s sparrow
Hermit thrush
Herring gull
Hooded merganser
Hooded warbler
Horned grebe
Horned lark
House finch
House sparrow
House wren
Hudsonian godwit
Iceland gull
Indigo bunting
Kentucky warbler
King rail
Lark sparrow
Laughing gull
Least bittern
Least sandpiper
LeConte’s sparrow
Lesser scaup
Lesser yellowlegs
Lincoln’s sparrow
Little gull
Little blue heron
Long-billed dowitcher
Long-tailed duck
Marbled godwit
Marsh wren
Mourning dove
Mute swan
Nelson’s sharp-tailed sparrow
Northern bobwhite
Northern cardinal
Northern goshawk
Northern flicker
Northern harrier
Northern parula
Northern pintail
Northern rough-winged swallow
Northern shoveler
Northern waterthrush
Orchard oriole
Palm warbler
Pectoral sandpiper
Peregrine falcon
Pied-billed grebe
Pileated woodpecker
Pine warbler
Piping plover
Pomarine jaeger
Prairie warbler
Prothonotary warbler
Purple finch
Purple martin
Purple sandpiper
Red-bellied woodpecker
Red-breasted merganser
Red-eyed vireo
Red-headed woodpecker
Red knot
Red-necked phalarope
Red phalarope
Red-tailed hawk
Red-shouldered hawk
Red-winged blackbird
Ring-billed gull
Ring-necked duck
Ring-necked pheasant
Rose-breasted grosbeak
Rough-legged hawk
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Ruddy duck
Ruddy turnstone
Ruffed grouse
Rusty blackbird
Sandhill crane
Savannah sparrow
Saw-whet owl
Scarlet tanager
Sedge wren
Semipalmated plover
Semipalmated sandpiper
Sharp-shinned hawk
Short-billed dowitcher
Short-eared owl
Snow goose
Snowy egret
Solitary sandpiper
Song sparrow
Spotted sandpiper
Stilt sandpiper
Summer tanager
Surf scoter
Swamp sparrow
Tree sparrow
Tree swallow
Trumpeter swan
Tufted titmouse
Tundra swan
Turkey vulture
Upland sandpiper
Vesper sparrow
Virginia rail
Warbling vireo
Western sandpiper
White-breasted nuthatch
White-crowned sparrow
White-eyed vireo
White-rumped sandpiper
White-throated sparrow
White-winged scoter
Wild turkey
Willow flycatcher
Wilson’s phalarope
Wilson’s snipe
Wood duck
Wood thrush
Worm-eating warbler
Yellow-bellied sapsucker
Yellow-billed cuckoo
Yellow-breasted chat
Yellow-crowned night-heron
Yellow-headed blackbird
Yellow rail
Yellow-throated vireo
Yellow-throated warbler
Yellow warbler