Moles are about the size of Chipmunks and can weigh anywhere from three to six ounces.  Total length can be six to eight inches.  Moles have one litter each year.  Litter size can be two to six depending on the health of the female.  Moles are mammal and nurse the young Moles for several weeks.  The young Moles will then disperse from late April through June.


A 5 ounce Mole will consume 45 to 50 lbs. of worms and insects per year.  Earthworms are their diet.

A tunneling Mole can dig at the rate of 18 feet per hour.  A Moles speed through existing tunnels is about 80 feet per minute!

Moles contain twice as much blood and twice as much red hemoglobin as other mammals of similar size, allowing the Mole to breathe easily in its underground environment of low oxygen and high carbon dioxide.


The Moles tunneling activity takes two forms which are surface tunnels that are located just beneath the sod and deep tunnels that go down more then 32″ below the surface.  These deep tunnels usually have a mound of dirt over them (Mole Mound).

Moles are recolonizing animals and will readily take over existing tunnels or jump home range.  Simply put, trapping the moles that are currently damaging your lawn or landscaping may not be an end-all or permanent solution to a Mole problem.

Because recolonization is likely, an intensive trapping program should be set in place.


Moles are woodland creatures in nature, but can quickly colonize and spread through residential properties if not handled properly.  Since they need a well-established tunnel network to survive, the longer they’re allowed to tunnel, the more habituated they become and difficult to control.  TRAPPING IS THE ONLY EFFECTIVE METHOD OF CONTROL.