Problems with snakes range from occasional encounters with a single snake to infestations of large numbers of snakes in basements and out-building foundations. Snakes are a valuable part of the ecosystem, including Ohio’s 3 venomous species. Individual snakes should be valued for their rodent- and insect-eating habits.

Blue racer
Butler’s gartersnake
Common ribbonsnake
Common watersnake
Copper-bellied watersnake
Eastern black kingsnake
Eastern foxsnake
Eastern gartersnake
Eastern hog-nosed snake
Eastern massasauga
Eastern milksnake
Eastern Ratsnake
Eastern smooth earthsnake
Eastern wormsnake
Kirtland’s snake
Lake Erie watersnake
Midland brownsnake
Midwestern wormsnake
Northern Black Racer
Northern Brownsnake
Northern copperhead
Northern red-bellied snake
Northern ring-necked snake
Plains gartersnake
Rough greensnake
Smooth greensnake
Timber rattlesnake