Squirrels are never found far from the shelter provided by trees. They are opportunistic foragers feeding on acorns, nuts, fruits, berries, corn, fungi, flower bulbs, and bird seed. They readily adapt to suburban and urban areas.

Squirrel removal is provided to homeowners as well as businesses across central Ohio through the cities of Dublin, Powell and Columbus.  These animals have their teeth that can grow 8 inches in estimated length every year but they chew so much that it wears them down. Squirrels will chew around boarded siding, dormers, and soffits to access your attic.

40% of attic fires in America have been caused by squirrels, often times starting fires by chewing on wires and making sparks. Once inside the attic squirrels inflict structural damage by burrowing insulation, chewing on support beams, wires, and a multitude of other attic material

Eastern gray squirrel
Fox squirrel