Creature Catchers has been serving Central Ohio for more than 20 years. 

Throughout Central Ohio, people and wildlife live in close quarters.  Too often, we encroach upon each other’s territories.

Typical Problems involving wildlife:

  • Raccoons living in chimneys, attics, crawlspaces, invading trashcans and dumpsters, et cetera. 
  • Skunks digging holes in lawns, living under decks, patios, sheds…
  • Squirrels living in attics, walls, eves, and other parts of the home
  • Birds nesting in exhaust vents, attics, behind facia boards, soffits…
  • Raccoons, Skunks, and Oppossums displaying unusual behavior such as no fear of humans, aggression, or appearing lethargic or drunk 
  • Moles excavating your manicured lawn, garden, and flowerbeds.

Creature Catchers of Columbus, LTD. is your solution to problems involving wildlife.

Typical Solutions:

  • Inspection of attics and other areas to determine whether infestation has occurred
  • The humane removal of invading animals
  • Removal of fecal matter and nesting materials left by animals
  • Disinfection and deodorization of attics and other hard-to-access areas after cleanup and animal removal
  • Prevention of further intrusions by exclusion techniques
  • Construction of pest-proof barriers and chimney-caps
  • Professional handling of unusual, difficult, and potentially dangerous animals
  • Design permanent remedies to your nuisance wildlife problems

After safely removing the invading animals, we seal the holes they made in buildings, preventing reinfestation.

Creature Catchers works with Residential and Commercial customers.